Overlooked spaces between city houses

The goal of the project was to search out abandoned yet interesting places in the old part of the town (atriums, stairways, passages, bridges, chapels, doorways, firewalls) in order to present them in a new form and make them more noticeable.

We chose eleven spaces with interesting ambience in the old city centre – mostly at Mestni, Gornji and Stari Square. We singled out their characteristics and particularities, which we later accentuated. According to its character, we placed a surprise into each of the spaces: fish-bowls with goldfish, 300 kilograms of apples, five deck chairs, a hillside meadow, beds of lettuce and strawberries, curtains made of gerbera flowers… With residents’ permission, we cleaned all the atriums, stairways and passages before and after the event. The spaces we intervened with became nicer and friendlier than before.

Through this project we aimed to contribute to problem solving of spaces of the old city centre. Clean and orderly spaces encourage the city’s inhabitants and visitors to adopt them as their own.

Various locations in the old city centre, Ljubljana

Co-creator: Katarina Valentinčič (PR)

Sponsors: Mestna Občina Ljubljana, KPL, Dragulji Malalan, Zebra plus, Cvetličarna Nova, Cvetje Eli, Cvetje Blaž, Gardenia Ars Florae, Vinoteka Movia, Cvetje Čatež, Majda Sešek s.p. Cvet, Ikebana Julij Brinc, VTC d.o.o., Javna Razstvetljava d.d., Schiedel d.o.o. Prebold

Partners: CODEEP, Cvetličarna Nova

Photo: Luka Dekleva, Peter Uhan, Luka Dekleva, Metka Pretnar