Murky or inviting?

The Slovenska Street project temporarily transformed a heavily trafficked road into a pedestrian-friendly street where we set up a photography installation entitled Illusion of space.

The southern part of Slovenska Street is lined by decaying façades and neglected arcades. As a temporary intervention we opened up this dim area with photographs, which made it feel wider and enabled an uninterrupted view of the street.

Matevž Paternoster’s photographs were placed on the arcade columns and created the illusion of space, seemingly making the columns disappear. The photographs, taken at different hours of the day, increased the plenitude of impressions and enabled the illusion of open space in different times of day.

Arcades above the Plečnik Underpass in Ljubljana, June 2008

Co-author: Matevž Paternoster

Client: Mestna občina Ljubljana

Photo: Matevž Paternoster