Aarhus on the Beach

The sea and the river have played a key role in the establishment and development of the city of Aarhus. The biggest Danish port, which was developed near the city, has contributed to the growth and blossoming of Aarhus. Today, when we walk through the streets of Aarhus, we don’t feel the influence of the sea or the beach anymore.

We were invited to prepare one of the venues for Aarhus festival: the square of Klostertorvet. Wondering what it would be like to bring the beach into the city, that is today separated from the city with the port, we decided to transform the square into a beach. We covered it with sand and made strandkurv baskets. The construction of the stage, bar, and storage reminded of the northern sea beaches. The wind flapped the textiles that we lined between the constructions, contributing to the beach vibe.

The installation changed the perception and use of the square during the festival period.

Klostertorvet, Aarhus, Denmark

Client: Aarhus festival

Support: private sponsors, Slovene Embassy