A Hidden place

Student placemaking workshop on stagnant construction site

We guided the students through the process of exploring the space, getting to know the needs of potential users, and in-depth observation of the natural conditions of the construction pit at Bežigrajski dvori. The workshop ended with the preparation of five conceptual projects that create a space of coexistence between man and nature from a stagnant construction site where Trajna collective will continue to work. The workshop should have ended with one-week of fieldwork where students would develop their construction skills and realize their ideas. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, instead of fieldwork, we conducted a student competition for an intervention on the fence that separates the construction pit from the rest of the urban fabric. The winning intervention is the work of Lara Jane Gabrijel Milanovič and Oriola Garcia Vallès.

The semester workshop at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana took place as part of the project A-place. The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and is implemented within the RUK network. Find more about A-place project on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Construction pit Bežigrad crater

Support: RUK network of art and culture research centers, Ministry of Justice

Project partner: Faculty of Architecture University of Ljubljana, Trajna, Slovenian Permaculture Society

Collaboration:Špela Verovšek, Tadeja Strojan Zupančič, Matevž Juvančič, Gaja Mežnarič Osole, Andrej Koruza, Primož Turnšek

Photo: Pia Klančar; drone photo: Maj Juvanec

March - May 2020