Library of Things celebrates its fourth birthday!

The Library of Things has celebrated its fourth birthday in January! Through the rent in the past four year, we were present at camping, searching of keys with a metal detector, picnics, carpenting challenges and even weddings. Last year, exactly 1141 days after the opening of the Library, the first rental of a wedding dress happened. Though it took a long time for this item to be rented, we carefully guarded it and believed that one day it would delight the real bride. Nevertheless, we learned over four years which items are more suitable for rent than others.

That is why we started our birthday party, which took place on 06th of February 2019 in Library of Things with a garage sale of the items that are the least frequently borrowed. We made all the proceeds in the fund for the purchase of the always wanted steam hoover. In the evening, we also loaned the library premises to the Subcultural Sofa Festival 2019. We were joined by the trio Pacho Trillio that complemented the event with the rhythms of tango, bossa nova and flamenco.